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The smart luxury consumer

Baunat Group’s commitment to excellence, ethical sourcing, a direct-to-consumer approach, and a global showroom network allows us to offer unparalleled prices and trusted quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

The Global Diamond and Jewellery Disruptor 

Our Group of Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) sets us apart. We primarily operate online, selling directly to consumers. Supported by our showrooms around the globe, providing additional support and enhancing the customer experience. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to optimize every aspect of our operations, ensuring we offer trusted high-quality diamonds and jewellery at unmatched prices, while providing excellent customer service. Due to our direct-to-consumer approach, we eliminate intermediaries and the associated overhead-costs, enabling us to offer highly competitive prices. 

To ensure trust and confidence among our clients, we prioritize the sourcing of high-quality diamonds and materials, adhering to stringent standards and ethical practices. This commitment to quality and transparency makes Baunat Group the trusted name in the high-end diamond and jewellery industry. 

We place great importance on providing exceptional customer service

Whether clients choose to interact online or visit one of our showrooms, they can expect highly personalized assistance before, during and after the buying process. Our diamond jewellery advisors offer guidance, answer all possible queries and ensure a smooth and memorable buying experience. 

We are the global diamond and jewellery disruptor due to the unique combination of digital innovation, a direct-to-consumer approach, trusted high quality, competitive pricing and exceptional client service.

Smart luxury

At the core of the Smart Luxury Consumer purchasing philosophy lies the underlying commitment for an excellent price-quality ratio, clients who recognize that genuine value resides in the tangible attributes that directly enhance product excellence, rather than intangible elements that drive up costs. 

The Smart Luxury Consumer

At Baunat Group we proudly cater to the needs of the Smart Luxury Consumer, individuals with a keen eye.

To cater to their needs, our business processes embrace the innovative bricks and clicks model. Our showrooms, represented by the brick, create an environment of trust and assurance, while our online platform, the click, empowers us to scale efficiently and offer an extensive range of high quality products, with limited stock on hand. This allows us to offer our clients exceptional prices without ever compromising on quality, service & ethics. 

Our Smart Luxury Consumers not only desire excellent products made by versed artisans but also prioritize sustainability and ethical production. We take pride in offering them precisely that – sustainable products of the highest quality. Every item we craft is carefully created through an ethical process focused on three key areas — environmental, social and governmental, where we continuously strive for positive change. 

A tailored experience

Personalization is our forte, and we understand that the Smart Luxury Consumer seeks a unique and tailored experience. Our team of dedicated Diamond & Jewellery experts is committed to providing top-notch, highly personalized, trusted and transparent service at every step of the journey. Whether it’s assisting in selecting the perfect piece or offering expert guidance, we go above and beyond to continually exceed expectations. 

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