The investment diamond office

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With a unique advantage of sourcing diamonds directly from the source and eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in the supply chain, BNT Diamonds aims to be as efficient as possible in all areas. 

BNT Diamonds offers a range of services to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios, recognizing the long-term potential of diamonds as an investment asset. 

We understand the importance of tailor-made solutions, and accordingly, offer personalized investment packages

— Stefaan Mouradian

Certified diamonds

We are committed to delivering the highest quality diamonds to our clients. All diamonds available through our platform are certified by leading independent diamond laboratories such as GIA, IGI, or HRD. These certifications ensure the diamonds authenticity, quality, and ethical sourcing, giving investors confidence in their purchases.

By combining our extensive industry expertise, smart purchasing strategies, and dedication to efficiency, we aim to provide our clients with a reliable avenue for long-term smart investments in the diamond market. Our ultimate goal is to help clients enhance the profitability, diversity, and stability of their investment portfolios.