Sustainability at Baunat Group

Sustainability is a guiding principle at the Baunat Group, influencing our actions across three crucial areas: environmental, social, and governmental. Our commitment to diamond jewellery that’s in harmony with our planet drives our continuous efforts for positive change.

Ethical and Transparent Approach to Diamond Sourcing 

We are not afraid to push the boundaries of what Fine Diamond Jewellery is about, Baunat Group operates with transparency, reliability and innovation. Our operations are rooted in both traditional craftsmanship and forward-thinking approaches, fostering diversity and inclusivity throughout our organization.

At the heart of our sustainability efforts, the Baunat Group directly sources its diamonds from responsible origins. We meticulously choose diamonds from conflict-free nations like Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa. By carefully selecting suppliers with impeccable records of trustworthiness, we reduce our environmental footprint while contributing positively to local communities. 

Kimberly process

We empower our clients to cherish not only the beauty of their jewellery but also the ethical and sustainable values it represents.

— Steven Boelens,Baunat 集團執行董事

Responsible Fine Materials and Local Craftsmanship 

Throughout our supply chain, the Baunat Group maintains the highest standards, unwaveringly dedicated to transparency. Our commitment to responsible sourcing and ethical practices is not just a claim but a demonstrated belief. When you invest in a Baunat Group diamond jewel, it represents more than a beautiful stone. It signifies your support for local communities, safeguarding the environment, and promoting crucial causes such as education, healthcare, and biodiversity. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in our choice of precious metals. We always use responsibly sourced precious metals of the highest quality that do not harm nature. As the basis for our diamond jewellery, we therefore work exclusively with ethically sourced and recycled 18Kt gold (au750) and 950 platinum (pt 950).


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