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Independent Customer Reviews

Baunat Group, where customer satisfaction drives our success. Thanks to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, personalized offerings, and innovation, we have been Europe’s top online jeweller for over 10 years.

Customer Centric Mindset 

At the heart of Baunat Group’s success lies its customer-centric mindset, which has been deeply ingrained since its establishment and permeates every facet of its business operations. This ethos is seamlessly applicable across all three brands under the Baunat Group umbrella: BAUNAT, VALQUÈRE, and BNT Diamonds. 

BAUNAT, the renowned online natural diamond jewellery brand, proudly maintains its position as Europe’s number one online jeweller for over 10 consecutive years, recognized by Trustpilot, the leading independent review platform. This achievement is a testament to Baunat Group’s unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, upholding exceptional craftsmanship, personalized offerings, and relentless innovation – attributes that distinctively characterize all three brands within the Baunat Group. 

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