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The Baunat Group Brands

Crafted for long-term success, BAUNAT Group fosters the unique craftsmanship, innovative mindset, and creative inspiration of its brands.

Innovation and Expertise: Baunat Group’s Approach to Redefining Diamonds

The Baunat Group distinguishes itself by three unique selling propositions, which form the cornerstone of its operations across all three of its brands: 

Smart Luxury 

Guided by Smart Luxury, we prioritize tangible attributes over unnecessary costs. Leveraging technology and efficiency, we disrupt retail pricing, offering sustainable, high-quality natural diamond jewellery and investment diamonds, as well as lab grown diamond jewellery. These offerings are seamlessly intertwined with Baunat Group’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service. 

Digital Native Vertical Brands 

Baunat Group’s unique approach involves crafting bespoke jewellery, tailored to individual orders, from inception to completion in our Antwerp and Paris workshops. We directly serve customers through our e‑boutique, complemented by virtual appointments and access to our 12 global showrooms. Being a digital-native entity, we eliminate intermediaries from the supply chain, ensuring exceptional product efficiency, complete production control, and an enhanced customer experience.

Diamond Expertise 

At the heart of Baunat Group lies a profound expertise in diamonds and fine jewellery that resonates across all three of our distinguished brands: BAUNAT, BNT Diamonds and VALQUÈRE

The esteemed brand BAUNAT, specializes in the creation of premium, 100% natural diamond jewellery, characterized by its exceptional quality and timeless elegance. BNT Diamonds, is dedicated to providing top-tier 100% natural investment diamonds, catering to discerning investors who seek diamonds of the utmost quality, ensuring lasting and substantial value. Embarking on a journey of innovation, VALQUÈRE is the European pioneer in crafting high-quality lab grown diamond jewellery. This brand is a testament to remarkable beauty that emerges when innovation meets craftsmanship. 

Baunat Group unveils timeless diamond jewellery designs and investment diamonds meticulously tailored to each customer’s unique journey, offered directly to consumer ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience.