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About Us

  • Antwerp
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Founded in 2008 within the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, Baunat Group emerged as a disruptive force in the luxury diamond industry. Conceived by two diamond industry veterans, Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens. Their shared vision was to revolutionize the diamond and jewellery industry through bypassing layers of the supply chain to undercut conventional luxury diamond retailers in price. This allowed them to offer luxury diamond jewellery at unparalleled prices, accompanied with excellent customer service. 

Our founders

Both Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens possess outstanding expertise in the international diamond and jewellery industry. Their knowledge is rooted in generations of accumulated and transferred wisdom. Alongside them, a passionate team of dedicated employees, reliable suppliers, and valued business partners work hand-in-hand to uphold the company’s vision and commitment to excellence. Together, they continue to shape the future of the luxury diamond industry with ingenuity and precision.

Steven and Stefaan

Our board of directors

Baunat Group can count on a stable group of shareholders who all have a career and businesses in different sectors, inside or outside the diamond and jewellery sector.

  • Stefaan
    Stefaan Mouradian

    Founder / Managing Director / Board President

    With a strong background in the banking industry and extensive experience as a strategic counsellor and manager in the international diamond and jewellery sector, Stefaan co-founded Baunat Group in 2008 together with Steven Boelens.

  • Steven
    Steven Boelens

    Founder / Executive Board Member

    Since 2000, Steven has been an integral part of the international diamond and jewellery industry, holding positions as a broker, consultant, and manager. Together with Stefaan, he co-founded Baunat Group in 2008.

  • Dominique
    Dominique De Rijcke

    Executive Board Member

    Dominique’s expertise lies in web and online businesses, having been the director of various successful ventures, including one of the top 5 Belgian e‑commerce agencies. He also serves as a consultant for e‑commerce and digital developments.

  • Bert
    Bert Vandeurzen

    Board Member

    As the Chief Family Officer of the VMF group, Bert specializes in investing and actively guiding scale-up companies with technological innovations. His expertise and network are the drivers to allow these companies to scale optimally.

  • Corinne
    Corinne Evens

    Board Member

    Coming from a family of diamond cutters with a profound passion for the jewellery industry, she joined her father’s eponymous group in 1990 and succeeded him in 1996. The Evens group includes several activities such as real estate, private equity, hotels, jewellery and a philanthropic department. A businesswoman and philanthropist, she brings a unique perspective to the board.

  • Jean francois
    Jean-François Duprez

    Board Member

    Previously a core member of the General Management at Groupe Auchan (France) and later the CEO of Groupe Camaieu (listed on SBF 120, France) until 2007, Jean-François brings invaluable leadership experience to the board.

  • Kantor
    Maurice Kantor

    Board Member

    With a background as an ESTP engineer and 20 years of experience as CEO of a business services company, Maurice now provides investment advice and support to many start-up and scale-up companies.

  • Frederik
    Frédéric Vanderoost

    Board Member

    Frédéric boasts over 25 years of experience as an investor and Business Developer. He had various investment and management positions in the commercial Real estate and in seed capital funds.